The Culinary School of Fort Worth Management/Staff

_MG_1597President – Wes Benefield

Wes Benefield is President of The Culinary School of Fort Worth. He is passionate about The Culinary School of Fort Worth simply because it is a unique institution embedded in a great city, and is centered around something that will never go away – food and eating. The School is a place where a team of professionally trained Chefs get to pass on their knowledge and passion to every student that walks through the door. Not only does The School equip students to be contributors in the field of Culinary Arts, but it also equips them to be contributors in their local community.

Wes’ primary role at The Culinary School of Fort Worth consists of developing the presence of the school in the community and making sure the team at The School has what they need in order to do their jobs well.

Wes holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University. While at Baylor, Wes had the opportunity to win the Big XII championship and participate in the College World Series. Since graduating from Baylor, he has held development and management positions in several large companies. He has also owned and operated a small business in Fort Worth which flourished in the local community.

Mr. Benefield serves on the board of directors of the Historic Camp Bowie, whose goal is to beautify Fort Worth for the benefit of its citizens.

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