Programs at The Culinary School of Fort Worth

The Culinary School of Fort Worth is for you...

  • if you want to secure a career in a professional kitchen and possess the knowledge and skills to start immediately climbing the career ladder.
  • if you desire a career as a personal chef, caterer, culinary teacher, food-related business owner or other culinary profession.
  • if you want to gain a broad-based knowledge of cooking.
  • if you are a recreational gourmet and want to hone your cooking skills and dazzle friends and family with culinary expertise and exquisite cookery.




Professional Classes

The Culinary School of Fort Worth has developed our courses for the food enthusiast who wants to develop professional cooking skills. Our programs are based on the idea that many people would like to be trained as a chef, but cannot spare the time and/or expense to attend a full-time program. Our affordable, fast-track curriculum teaches essential chef skills and knowledge that will equip students for a wide range of culinary careers.

Internship and restaurant experience are available through the school’s Theme Dinners, Sunday Brunches, and other cooking school events.

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Lab Practicum

Each trimester students are required to fulfill 22 – 28 hours of hands-on, real world meal preparation and service for the public. These hours are completed in addition to the student’s classroom time.

Our Sunday Brunches serve as a lab, enhancing the student’s classroom experience by offering chef supervised exposure to what it’s like to work in a restaurant or food service establishment.

Certificate of Completion

Each student receives a certificate of completion after fulfilling all the requirements of each course. Students are expected to attend classes, only being allowed to miss one class per semester, turn in their homework, participate in the lab practicum and during class, and receive a satisfactory grade on their final exam.