I recently had a chance to catch up with CSFTW alum Robbie Ross. Robbie graduated from The Culinary School of Fort Worth in May of 2018, and, until recently, worked as a lead line cook at The Fort Worth Club. 

Robbie’s love of food began at a young age. When he was around four or five, his babysitter, a personal chef, exposed him to all different kinds of foods.

“She’d make everything from squid to goat eye,” Robbie said. “It was all random stuff that a typical kid that age wouldn’t eat, but because she was such a good cook I enjoyed all of it and have a palette for pretty much everything now.”

Even though Robbie developed this love for food at a young age, he didn’t begin cooking right away. In fact, it wasn’t until it was time to start looking for schools that he considered the culinary arts as more than just a passion and something that could develop into a career.

“I didn’t have any culinary experience before I came to the school,” Robbie said.”It was scary at first, but I learned a lot from all of the instructors. They worked with you really well.”

Robbie considered baking pie doughs to be his “enemy,” but he connected very well with sauces. This is his strength in the kitchen, and he credits his time at The Culinary School of Fort Worth for helping him discover that.

At The Fort Worth Club, Robbie became well-acquainted with almost every position in the kitchen. As well as the line, he spent time as a prep cook, helping with formal dinners, private events, birthday parties, and weddings. But the line is where he found his niche.

“[The line] is hot and exhilarating,” Robbie said. “You have a rush the entire time you’re working. There will be slow nights but there’s others, and these are the best, where you’re running to the cooler for ingredients and tickets are still printing out.”

As great as his times on the line were, Robbie is now looking to move into a more private setting where he can work for himself. Becoming a personal chef is his dream.

“Down the road, I’d like to open my own kitchen,” Robbie said. “But for right now, I am just looking to build up my client base and keep learning.”

Written by James Creange.



Most schools can teach you the techniques of cooking and baking but The CSFTW excels at preparing you for the real-world kitchen. With our small class sizes and chef instructors who are intentional with every student, you will receive more one-on-one instruction and insight. Our school boasts in preparing students to exemplify excellence in their culinary community. We are a small, unique school that focuses on the student’s needs and we take great joy in seeing our students succeed in the culinary industry.

Alumni Spotlight: Robbie Ross