Brittany Cantrell, an alumna of The Culinary School of Fort Worth, has recently become the partner of a revamped restaurant and will turn ownership within the next month. She will be the Head Chef at this restaurant and be a part of designing their new kitchen and menu.

For Brittany, this is a rewarding result of a lifetime of passion and hard work in the culinary industry.

“Even at 7-years-old I was passionate about culinary, and I remember telling my mom and dad that I would be cooking on TV one day,” Brittany said. “I haven’t quite made it there…yet! But I truly enjoy what I do, and I love creating food and making people happy.”

Brittany has been selling cakes for about 11 years out of her home, and within the past two years she has begun selling charcuterie boards. Around the same time that she began selling food out of her home, she began working in professional kitchens as well. Then, 10 years later, she enrolled at The Culinary School of Fort Worth and grew in both her confidence and her skills.

“School helped me to build confidence in my abilities to push my talents and believe in myself,” Brittany said. “The chefs were great at giving feedback and letting you know how you could elevate your dishes from good to great while also teaching balance and discipline.”

While Brittany was able to use the slower pace of the classroom kitchen to improve her skills and strengthen her weaknesses, the professional environment taught her just how important teamwork is in the kitchen.

“The professional kitchen is very fast paced and high stress,” Brittany said. “Everything works like a well-oiled machine, and you are only as good as the team around you.”

This is going to be a very important lesson for Brittany to remember as she takes over the position of Head Chef at this new restaurant.

When asked for a culinary inspiration of hers, Brittany did not hesitate to say Gordon Ramsay – not for his brash TV personality but for his skills in the kitchen.

“He is so gifted and strives for greatness in all he does,” she said. “He’s disciplined and very direct.”

Being disciplined and direct are two traits that will also help a Head Chef succeed with their team in the kitchen, and having good food on the menu will be important for bringing customers back for a return visit.

While the menu at this new restaurant is not yet finalized, one can be certain that it will not be thrown together hastily overnight. There will be great amounts of thought and love put into every detail.

“I enjoy cooking comfort food that takes you back to a time in your life that brought you happiness,” Brittany said. “I try to put thought and love into everything I cook and everything I do. I think that truly makes the difference.”

Written by James Creange

CSFTW Alumna Becomes Partner and Head Chef
CSFTW Alumna Becomes Partner and Head Chef



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CSFTW Alumna Becomes Partner and Head Chef