David Bittle, a Culinary School of Fort Worth alumnus, and his wife, Lisa, have recently purchased a catering company that they are in the process of rebranding.

Bittle graduated from The Culinary School of Fort Worth in August of 2020 and knew that he wanted to work in a kitchen. He also knew that he didn’t want to work somewhere that would completely separate him from the guests. Catering was a natural fit.

“Catering allows me to have a more personal experience with the guests,” Bittle said.

Once he had decided that catering was the right career path for him, Bittle had to figure out where he was going to work. That’s when he heard about My Sister’s Affair Catering. The company was in business for 15 years before its former owner was ready to sell. David and Lisa jumped at the opportunity.

“By purchasing an existing business, we have all of the equipment, trucks, staff, decorations, clients, etc. from day one,” Bittle said. “It allowed us to hit the ground running and start serving immediately.”

In the future, Bittle said that he would like to do food prep and date night cooking classes, but for right now they are focusing on the basics while they get used to the business.

“Currently we are catering weddings, church, and chamber events,” Bittle said. “As for our food, we are using the existing menu, but we are working on changing that to our own menu soon.”

Bittle credits the instruction he received at The Culinary School of Fort Worth for helping to prepare him for this next step.

“The daily kitchen experience, the emphasis on cleanliness, and the cooking techniques all helped to get me prepared,” Bittle said.

If you would like to contact Bittle’s company to place an order, you can follow this link or call (682) 422-9578.

Written by James Creange.

CSFTW Alumnus Buys Catering Company
CSFTW Alumnus Buys Catering Company