Written by Mark Hitri. 

Photo by James Creange.

Week 1

Excellence is…?

A great question

What is excellence in the culinary community? Our mission here at the Culinary School of Fort Worth is to prepare our students to exemplify excellence in the culinary community. Without clear examples of excellence, it is hard to manifest it in our efforts. With this in mind, I will be sharing examples of excellence from those that have inspired and mentored me as well as my own personal experiences, good and bad that have helped me to see what excellence is. The saying goes that you never rise to the occasion, but you fall to the level of your experience. If you have never experienced excellence, then you cannot achieve it. Excellence is out there, and you just need to see it and model it. In over 20 years in the industry I have seen it and even exemplified it myself at times while helming the kitchen at a number one Zagat rated restaurant or as part of a team in a 4 star, 4 diamond hotel property and even in a mom and pop grocery deli counter. Excellence doesn’t only mean white tablecloths and crystal wine glasses. When we talk about the culinary community at our school, we mean everything related to food, and the community is vast and diverse. We are excited and delighted to help our students pursue their dreams and fulfill our mission to prepare them to exemplify excellence in the culinary community. I look forward to sharing and encouraging you with examples of excellence weekly. Please share with us your examples of excellence.