CSFTW alum Callie Salls featured on Home with a Twist.

Article by Melissa Austin-Weeks.

What is Meyer & Sage and how did you get started?

Meyer & Sage is a chef-driven weekly meal delivery service. We also provide boutique catering services and custom grazing boards. We are in the process of a dual kitchen build-out and will have a storefront with dine-in options, culinary workshops and grab-and-go options in 2019 located in The Foundry District. Meyer & Sage was my husband Allan’s idea! I’ve owned a personal chef service, Linguine & Dirty Martinis, for the past 8 years and Allan brought up the idea that we could expand our services and work with a team of amazing professionally-trained chefs out of a commercial kitchen.

How to Build a Charcuterie Board by Home with a Twist
Photo credit: Meyer & Sage

What is a Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie is French for meat—so as long as some type of meat is included, you have a charcuterie board. Easy peasy!

What are the essential items that make up a Charcuterie board?

Of course, aesthetics are very important, but I also believe texture is crucial for a great board. Crunchy nuts, velvety brie, crumbly bleu, sticky-sugared citrus and chewy dried fruits give the palatte a very intriguing combination. I don’t think any items are essential necessarily, I would just choose items that you enjoy!

These are the items I’ve been adding to my custom charcuterie boards this winter: homemade pesto hummus, marinated fresh mozzarella, marinated castelvetrano olives, 4-5 cheeses, salami or prosciutto, rosemary nuts, fresh fruits, dried fruits, candied lemon slices, crackers and edible wildflowers. I usually always include one bleu cheese, a soft ripened cheese such as a brie, a hard aged cheese like manchego, a classic sharp Tillamook cheddar and then a couple fun finds that I switch out. This week, it was a Red Dragon with mustard seed and a very aromatic Truffled Sottocenere with some fennel and clove.

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