Phillip Johnson, a fourth semester student at The Culinary School of Fort Worth, picked culinary arts as a career because he saw a promising future in the industry.

While serving in the military, Johnson knew that he needed to start learning a trade that could sustain him after his active duty was completed. He chose cooking because he “knew people needed to eat.”

From there, Johnson identified a need for nutrition.

“One day I was running, and I saw these young kids (18 to 19 year old kids) running behind me. I was in my early 20s and they couldn’t keep up with me,” Johnson said.

“I knew then, something clicked in my mind, that nutrition was the way to go in the food service business.”

As his passion for nutrition developed, he started committing more of his time to learning how to integrate a healthy diet into his cooking. And that turned out to be something that ran in the family.

“My grandma was a dietician for a hospital,” Johnson said. “I always knew she worked at the hospital but didn’t know she was a dietician until after I became interested in nutrition.”

Johnson’s wife is a nutrition director for a nursing home, so healthy meals are a staple of the Johnson household.

Johnson wants to see others find their own passion, and he wants to be a part of helping them succeed along the way. That is why he decided to enroll in The Culinary School of Fort Worth.

“When I was growing up in the food service [industry], it seemed like people didn’t want to share their knowledge,” Johnson said. “But once I got into the ranks where I was in charge I changed that.”

“I believe in education, people learning and growing. I want to share the knowledge that I am gaining from The Culinary School of Fort Worth.”

Johnson said he is getting the best possible culinary education available.

“I would highly recommend this school,” Johnson said. “It is not a ‘chef factory.’ Here things are more personal.”

“I like the whole staff here. I think that they do everything in their power to make you a success.”

And the staff likes him too.

“Phillip is a hard-working and dedicated student,” Chef-Instructor Lauren Buffa said. “His passion and creativity is seen in the work that he does. He is a leader in his class and community.”



Most schools can teach you the techniques of cooking and baking but The CSFTW excels at preparing you for the real-world kitchen. With our small class sizes and chef instructors who are intentional with every student, you will receive more one-on-one instruction and insight. Our school boasts in preparing students to exemplify excellence in their culinary community. We are a small, unique school that focuses on the student’s needs and we take great joy in seeing our students succeed in the culinary industry.

Student Spotlight: Phillip Johnson