Professional Culinary Program

Program Description

The Professional Culinary Program (PCP) emphasizes gastronomy (the art and science of professional cooking and eating), culinary arts, baking and pastry arts and kitchen management with an emphasis on day-to-day operations.

Students will learn basic and advanced culinary skills, Garde Manger (cold side of the kitchen), sauces and flavors, meat fabrication, nutritional cooking, International cuisines, basic and advanced baking techniques, lean and enriched yeast doughs, pastry doughs, basic and advanced cakes and tortes and custards and creams.

Essential business-related topics include: menu development, pricing and costing of goods, food safety and sanitation, mise en place and kitchen organization. We also include career development classes that cover interview training and resume building.

Lastly, students will explore the history of food and study trends and topics including: molecular gastronomy, classic versus modern techniques and fusion cuisine.

The PCP Program, when compared to our other programs, is more in-depth and allows for more skill repetition as well as exposure to additional topics.

More Info

The PCP Program has entry points in several points during the year and is four semesters in total. Each semester consists of approximately 35 classes in conjunction with an off-site externship given in the final semester.

At some point during each semester there may be vacation time that reflects the holidays that fall during the subject. Class days and times are subject to change.

Each class begins with lecture for approximately 30-45 mins and the remaining time is spent in the kitchen with hands on application.

Some of our Externships Locations are listed below (not limited to):

Externship Sites