The School

About The Culinary School of Fort Worth

Founded in 1988, The Culinary School of Fort Worth is a Nationally Accredited culinary institution that offers a more personal, hands-on approach to education for our students. Our small teacher-to-student ratio provides students with the opportunity to be prepared for an exciting career in the industry. If you have a high appreciation of excellence, a passion for food, and want to realize your dreams of a fulfilling life in the food world, you belong here at The CSFTW.

Our talented, professionally trained faculty will work with you in our small classes to teach, inspire, lead and guide you as you learn, achieve and watch your dreams come true.

The Culinary School of Fort Worth is located at 6550 Camp Bowie Blvd in Fort Worth. Right in the heart of DFW, The CSFTW is approximately 20 miles from Arlington and 40 miles from Dallas.

Mission statement

The Culinary School of Fort Worth exists to prepare students to exemplify a standard of excellence in their culinary community.

Learning in the Right Environment

  • Fully equipped professional restaurant-style kitchens
  • Small classes
  • Individual instruction
  • Hands-on approach to learning
  • Creativity encouraged
  • Team building with classmates

More from The Culinary School of Fort Worth

  • Offer classes that are based on curriculum developed to teach classic French technique, demonstrate proper technique and skills, encourage problem solving and creativity in the kitchen, and cover all areas necessary to produce culinarians thoroughly equipped to work in the industry.
  • Provide lab opportunities that give practical work and networking experience
  • Provide students services that help with resume building and interview questions
  • Provide a high quality, student centered environment throughout the student life cycle
  • Maintain fair and ethical operating practices
  • Optimize student success by continued program development and refinement