Tuition and Fees

The Professional Culinary Program

The Professional Culinary Program (PCP) includes the following subjects: Professional Culinary Program I (PCP), Professional Culinary Program II (PCP II), Professional Culinary Program III (PCP III) and Professional Culinary Program IV (PCP IV).

Cost Sales Total
Tuition $17,466.60 $0.00 $17,466.60
Uniform Fee* $216.45 $17.86 $234.31
The uniform package includes (2) chef coats, (2) pairs of pants, (3) aprons, (2) neckerchiefs, (2) toques
Knife Roll* $385.13 $31.77 $416.90
The knife roll will include a chef’s knife, boning knife, paring knife offset serrated knife, slicer peeler, steel, melon baller, channel knife, citrus zester, corer, scissors, microplane, instant read thermometer, markers and a culinary ruler.
Pastry Kit* $78.06 $6.44 $84.50
The pastry kit will include a candy thermometer, a chocolate thermometer, digital scale, piping bag, pastry tips, bench knife & squeeze bottle.
Textbooks* $275.00 $22.69 $297.69
Textbooks will include: On Baking by labensky and Martel, On Cooking by Labensky and Martel, and servsafe Manager. 7TH ed, National Restaurant Association
Program Total $18,500.00

All supplies must be purchased through The Culinary School of Fort Worth and are required in order to participate in class.

The following must be purchased by the student and are not included in the calculated tuition.

  • Black Non-Slip Closed-Back Shoes