How To Apply to The CSFTW

1. Complete the Online Admissions Form. A paper copy of the form is available here.

2. Provide a copy of your high school diploma, official transcripts or GED.

3. Submit a (1) page essay that includes: why you would like to attend The Culinary School of Fort Worth, your expectations of this program and what you hope to accomplish when you graduate.

4. Provide (2) different letters of recommendation stating why you would be a positive addition to the student body at The CSFTW. (Letters can be from family, co-workers, employer, teachers, friends. They do not have to be from within the culinary industry.)

5. Current Food Handler’s Certificate

6. Submit your $100 registration fee. (Due upon receipt of all of the above application materials and credited toward total cost upon enrollment)

Next Cohort Begins July 26, 2021

Space Is Limited! Apply Now

Enrollment is limited and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis

Enrollment Dates

Enrollment is limited and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. If a course is full, you can be placed on a waiting list and we will notify you if space becomes available before the program begins, or within the first week of classes.

July 2021

Classes Begin: July 26, 2021
Priority Date: June 15, 2021

October 2021

Classes Begin: October 4, 2021
Priority Date: August 24, 2021

Tuition & Fees

The Professional Culinary Program

The Professional Culinary Program (PCP) includes the following subjects: Professional Culinary Program I (PCP), Professional Culinary Program II (PCP II), Professional Culinary Program III (PCP III) and Professional Culinary Program IV (PCP IV).

Application Fee$100.00$0.00$100.00
Uniform Fee*$216.45$17.86$234.31
The uniform package includes (2) chef coats, (2) pairs of pants, (3) aprons, (2) neckerchiefs, (2) toques
Knife Roll*$385.13$31.77$416.90
The knife roll will include a chef’s knife, boning knife, paring knife, offset serrated knife, carving knife, peeler, steel, scissors, microplane, instant read thermometer, timer, and carrying case.
Pastry Kit*$78.06$6.44$84.50
The pastry kit will include pastry tips, wooden spoon, measuring cup, bench knife, heat resistant scraper, candy thermometer, and measuring spoons.
On Cooking textbook and ServSafe Manager textbook
Program Total$18,500.00


All supplies must be purchased through The Culinary School of Fort Worth and are required in order to participate in class.

The following must be purchased by the student and are not included in the calculated tuition.

  • Black Non-Slip Closed-Back Shoes

Cost of Attendance for Title IV Purposes:

TuitionBooks/SuppliesReg. FeeOtherLoan FeesRoom and BoardPersonalTransportationTotal
Dependent (living with parents)$17,475$925$100$0$100$4,914$2,169$2,682$28,365
Dependent (living on own)$17,475$925$100$0$100$9,603$2,169$2,682$33,054

How To Pay For School

Perhaps one, if not the biggest question is “How do I pay for school?”. The answer is not simple and it’s different for everyone. While our recommendation and preference is to see our students work in the culinary industry, gain relevant experience, and pay for school from their earnings, we know this is not possible for everyone. We offer several options to make school more affordable according to your situation.

Below are some options available to assist in paying for your education:

Semester Payment Plans

Per Semester (4 Semesters, interest-free)
  • Semester 1: $5,293.87 (tuition, supplies, taxes)
  • Semesters 2 – 4: $4,368.71/Semester (tuition)

Monthly Payment Plans

Per Month (9 Months)
  • Month 1: $2,866.80 (tuition, supplies, taxes)
  • Months 2 – 9: $1,941.65/month (tuition)

Federal Financial Aid

The Culinary School of Fort Worth participates in the Federal Title IV, HEA financial aid program. We are here to help guide you through applying and securing financial aid for which you are eligible for your education at The CSFTW.

Personal Loan Through A Bank


For eligible Veterans, please visit


  • Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation Scholarship: $2500
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Enrolled at CSFTW and in good academic standing (meeting SAP)
      • Must have completed a minimum of 50 clock hours of class
      • Currently employed in the culinary industry
    • Offered two times per year
    • Award recipient determined by CSFTW selection committee
  • ProStart Certificate of Achievement Scholarship: $2500
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • ProStart Certificate of Achievement
    • 2-Year High School Program sponsored by the National Restaurant Association
    • Cannot be combined with other CSFTW institutional scholarships
    • Award recipient determined upon confirmation of eligibility
  • Certified Fundamentals Cook + Apprenticeship Scholarship: $2500
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Certified in high school as an ACF Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC)
      • Completed the Apprenticeship Track (695 OJL hours) with the curriculum provided by CSFTW
    • CFC Certification offered by the American Culinary Federation (ACF)
    • Cannot be combined with other CSFTW institutional scholarships
    • Award recipient determined upon confirmation of eligibility
  • FCCLA Scholarship: $1000
    • Eligibility Requirements (either/or):
      • Medaled at the FCCLA National or Texas State Leadership Conference in select STAR events
      • An FCCLA student leader who served as State President or as a National Officer during their membership in FCCLA
    • Must be used within 12 months after graduating from high school
    • Cannot be combined with other CSFTW institutional scholarships
    • Middle & High School Student Organization
    • Award recipient determined upon confirmation of eligibility
  • High School Partners Scholarship: $1000
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Graduated from a high school in an ISD that is partnered with CSFTW
      • Graduated in the top 10% of their culinary program
      • Official high school transcript
      • Letter of recommendation from the high school program coordinator verifying student’s performance in the program was in the top 10%
    • Cannot be combined with other CSFTW institutional scholarships
    • Award recipient determined upon confirmation of eligibility 
  • Fort Worx Scholarship: $1000
    • Eligibility Requirements:
      • Graduated from Fort Worx 16-week program
      • Certified as an ACF Certified Fundamentals Cook (CFC)
      • Must satisfy all other CSFTW PCP admissions requirements
    • Cannot be combined with other CSFTW institutional scholarships
    • Award recipient determined upon confirmation of eligibility

Net Price Calculator: The Net Price Calculator can help you get an estimate for your total costs to attend The Culinary School of Fort Worth. Cost of Attendance includes: tuition, books and supplies, room and board (meals) and other related expenses, minus the estimated grant and scholarship aid.

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Have Questions About Financial Aid?

Learn more about your financial aid options & eligibility.

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More information on completion and placement statistics can be found here.

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