The Culinary School of Fort Worth, in partnership with the American Culinary Federation, will be the host site for an ACF Practical Exam on February 27th, 2021. Chefs from around the state and country will participate in the event at the CSFTW to become certified by the American Culinary Federation.

Candidates can test at every level from Certified Culinarian to Certified Executive Chef, and The Culinary School of Fort Worth is an approved testing site for military candidates, as well.

The chefs will be judged by their peers, who are certified evaluators that hold certifications at the same level or higher than the test they are administering. Candidates will be assessed in four general areas: Safety and Sanitation Skills, Organization, Craftsmanship Skills, and Finished Product Skills. Candidates must accumulate 75 points or better and will receive feedback from evaluators on all testing fields.

“Practical exams help ignite your potential as a culinarian in the job market and showcase your skillset amongst your peers,” said CSFTW Chef Jason Avelson, CCC, CCE, Test Site Administrator. “We want every candidate who comes through our doors to know we foster a spirit of encouragement, and that we want them to pass and succeed. The evaluators we have brought in will measure that success critically, provide feedback and mentoring, and ultimately determine whether your skills are at the level you are testing at.”

If you are interested in being a candidate or want to learn more about certification, reach out to Chef Jason at or 817-737-8427.

Written by James Creange.