How to Pay for School

How to Pay for School

Perhaps one, if not the biggest question is “How do I pay for school?” The answer is not simple and is different for everyone. While our recommendation and preference is to see our students work in the culinary industry, gaining relevant experience, and pay for school using our monthly payment plan using their earnings, we know that is not possible for everyone.

Below are some other options available to assist in paying tuition for your education:

  • Culinary Financing Plan (CFP) through The CSFTW
  • Personal Loan Through a Local Bank
  • Monthly Payment Options Available
  • Outside Scholarships

An application must be submitted by the student applying for the loan and one should be submitted for their co-signer.

Additionally, the government makes funds available for use for education of qualified individuals including:

If you have further questions, please call (817) 737-8427 to discuss options.